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Terri's #WalkAway

I am 66 yrs old and have been a lifelong moderate Democrat. I voted for Obama in 2008 and again in 2012 because I felt he hadn't had enough time to implement the changes he wanted. I started to really question my choice shortly after the second election. I finally had to admit that the agenda was all talk and was supporting dishonest, dangerous policies. I was mortified when he turned his back on our law enforcement and Israel. I could finally see that politicians are bought and paid for and not in the least bit for the people of this country. I started to detest Hillary when she bashed the women abused by her husband and when the entire Democratic party rallied in support of him despite his perjury. Her corruption only became more apparent to me during Obama's administration. When she ran for President I felt myself cringe. I knew in my heart I could never support her, but I didn't really like Trump either. When her Email scandal was exposed, with all the evidence collected, I was appalled that there were no charges brought against her. She was never held to the same standards that we all are. The Clinton Machine is a dangerous, powerful, corrupt entity. I voted for Trump because he wasn't a politician. He was a businessman and was not in anyone's pocket. I became increasingly mortified at the amount of hate, fear, violence and intimidation promoted by the Democrats towards him and his family. The vicious attacks by the MSM. The vulgar, hateful, slanderous attacks by The Hollywood elite and this is all OK in their eyes. I realized then that I made the right choice in walking away. The Liberal Radical Left insanity going on has left me in their toxic dust. This is not the party I knew. I love to listen to Fox News and see civil discussions. I watch the investigations into DOJ and FBI and think to myself that none of this would have ever been exposed had Hillary won, the corruption runs deep. Trump loves America and is truly helping to expose and drain the swamp. I pray for his safety and continued success. The hypocrisy of the left is mind boggling and as long as they promote and defend illegal immigration, intimidation and suppression of free speech, public harassment, hate and violence, I know I can never support or be a part of them again. Thank you for allowing me to join this group. I can finally say what I feel in my heart. I am an American first and I love my Country. #WalkAway I am not a bot!


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