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James' #WalkAway

I was at a job site back in 2016 and I was asked if I voted. I said, “No, I wasn’t very political and not really interested in the whole race for the White House.” The supervisor at the job site was this Hispanic guy and started telling me that I’d better vote for Hillary Clinton because Trump was out to prevent me from making it in this world. I laughed a lil and said , “The Apprentice guy with the bad hair? No way.” He said, “seriously.“ I told him, “Alright, I'll look into this a**hole.” And thank God I did! I was Red Pilled HARD!!!!! The media's dishonesty, Chuck Schumer threatening Trump with the intelligence community, the fake stories and twisting of anything Trump said or did. I could not believe what I was seeing. A literal Orwellian display of the deep state unfolding before my eyes. I was an Obama guy. My mom a life long liberal. I couldn’t believe that I had been fooled all along by my party. Never again. Today I am a proud Conservative. I am living proof that Conservatives are not racist or bigoted. I am of biracial black/Asian heritage. My wife who I love with everything is Muslim. Bring on the dishonesty libs, I live my life every day proving you wrong. God speed President Trump, and please continue to Make America great again.


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