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Sherry's #WalkAway

It is so encouraging to read the stories of people with the same viewpoints as myself. Back when I was 18, I registered as a Democrat because at that age I really didn’t know much about what my political ideas were. Over the years I came to realize that I leaned much more conservative in my belief system. I remember back during the first Obama campaign watching him speak and understanding why people were mesmerized by him. I did not vote for him nor did I support him but once he became our president I prayed for him and never spoke out publicly with hatred and bashing. His presidency did so much to divide our great country and it’s sickening.

Fast forward to today and the Trump campaign - Truthfully I was never really a Trump fan - I agreed with his ideas but wasn’t a fan...I voted for him because in my mind I was voting for the lesser of two evils. I was wrong about Trump. I truly believe he does want to make America great again and although he doesn’t always say things or do things that are politically correct his intentions are real and he’s following through with what he promised to do. The hate and bashing from the left sickens me. I actually had a family member publicly state that if any of his friends or relatives voted for Trump they were no longer allowed around his children. How is that OK? I just don’t understand any of it. This movement is refreshing and it is inspiring to read stories that align with the way I feel about our country and our President.

Must add...this is me...I am not a bot or something crazy like that. Just a single mom who loves her country and wants to make it a better place for my children and future generations


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