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Sharon's #WalkAway

So happy to be part of this group! I see this movement as the beginning of a New America, breaking free from the shackles of incivility, hatred, fear mongering, identity politics, discrimination and reversing the march towards socialism and the NWO! My heartfelt Thank You to Brandon and all the Patriots!

As a teenager, I shook hands with JFK at the American Embassy in Rome, where my father was assigned in the Army Attache. JFK was my idol. A few months later he was assassinated. It shook me to my core. Then Robert Kennedy & Martin Luther King were assassinated. A dark time for America. Having lived most of my childhood overseas, Africa, Teheran, Rome, New Delhi, I pretty much ignored politics in my younger years and went on with my life taking care of others as a Respiratory Therapist. At age 21 I fell in love with a woman, and remained in the closet for many years due to far right discrimination. Never got involved with gay rights movement though many of my friends did, applaud them for that, and many are far left feminists. To this day I am to a degree semi-closeted, and now a VERY closeted Trump supporter. No fun.

Voted for Democrats most of my adult life, even supported Hillary in the 2008 primary over Obama. My #walkaway moment came when I could not vote for Obama because he boldly claimed he would take $167 B out of Medicare Advantage to pay for Obamacare. I am very protective of my senior clients. A gay friend called me a racist. Excuse me? I have spent my entire career taking care of patients of all stripes and you call me a racist. This is wrong.

As Obama continued his term with lofty oration, I saw our country was on a path to 3rd world status, escalating the borrowed money from China to pay our debt. I knew Obamacare would fail. Went to the halls of Congress with a 3 page letter to combat the ACA bill. Went to a Tea Party rally in DC. It was huge...2 million according to police on streets, MSM immensely underestimated numbers. Hard for me to vote Republican in 2012...but I did it. Our country was being given away, piece by piece. Then there was Fast & Furious, Benghazi, Iran deal behind our backs, ISIS, letting Crimea be overtaken and I studied up on the housing bubble burst which affected so many. Found out the idea that "everyone should own a home" started with the Communty Reinvestment Act of 1977 with Carter, changes made under Clinton and carried out through the Bush years. Even if you had bad credit you could get a loan. Banks were encouraged to make subprime loans. Greed set in and Wall Street bundled these loans and bet that the whole thing would fail. It did and the politicians on both sides knew it, did nothing to stop it, and had to bail out the banks at our expense. What a sham of a government. Time to wake up!

Down the escalator comes Trump. Hmmm, pretty brash...but as the campaign progressed, he seemed to have some common sense ideas on how to fix our problems and bring our jobs back. MSM all over him. I still watched CNN then along with FOX. I voted for Rubio in primary, but had come around to giving Trump a chance by election day. I was shocked he won with all the negative press. But secretly I was thrilled. No way I could share this with my gay friends. Sad.

So we all know what Trump has accomplished in regard to our economy in his short term in office despite the constant MSM bashing. I have come to love what he is doing for us, ALL of us. He loves our country as I do. He didn't have to give up his cushy NY condo for the WH. He could be retired, playing golf everyday. But instead he is working tirelessly and fearlessly to right the ship of our Nation, to restore it's economic viability, to weed out the Deep State made up of D's and R's, which looks out for it's own interests at the expense of the citizenry. He respects our Constitution and he talks to us daily through his constant tweets. Hated them at first. But now see it really is the best way for him to communicate with us. On the day the NK agreement was signed I posted on FB that it was a good day for the prospect of peace and hoped the process held. Yikes, I get this barrage of Trump hating responses. Had to take the post down.

There is much more to come. Many are going through an Awakening process. Trump is the leader of the #GreatAwakening exposing a failed immigration policy, human trafficking, pedo rings, MS13, drug addiction, unbalanced trade, biased media, depleted military assets, horrendous treatment of our veterans. Trump is shining a HUGE flashlight on all the dark corners of World politics. The rats come out and call him names. He doesn't care. This is the beginning of a New America. 40,000 sealed indictments to be released. Go Trump. Go Brandon! Go Patriots! #WWG1WGA Where We Go One We Go All!


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