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Shane's #WalkAway

I am not your normal republican. I am gay and I live in Tennessee. Throughout most of my life I supported democrats and the left. I thought because I was gay I had to support them. I was told Republicans were out to take my rights away. I feared the Republicans from the day I found out I was gay. When I was about to graduate high school I watched Trump's speech for the first time. Remember at this point I was full support of Hillary. I felt something from what he said. I felt safe for the first time. I then started looking into the Republican party and found that they don’t hate me. I found great friends who still support me to this day. I voted for Trump. For the first time in my life I could see the lies that the democrats told me. I don’t have to vote democrat if I’m gay. I was attacked by people on the left because I left the Democratic Party. This is why I #walkaway from the left.


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