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Safe Spaces are Dangerous

In 2017, Harvard began hosting ‘black-only’ graduations for their black students. One would hope that this trend of segregation, disguised as an effort for equality among social justice warriors, would be over as quickly as it started. Regrettably,  young leftists are increasingly demanding that ‘safe spaces’ be made for students who feel marginalized. 

In other words, young leftists think that to promote equality, there should be designated areas where people of color or members of the LGBTQ community can go to flee their imagined oppressors. 

So yes, they’re effectively arguing for *legalized* segregation.

How does one logically promote diversity while singling out a group of people to be kept confined within their own community? 

One cannot.

It is impossible to reconcile America’s history of legalized segregation up until the late 1960’s with today’s movement to legalize segregation under the guise of ‘safe space’ for students.

In fact, safe spaces are perhaps the most un-American trend to come out of leftist social movements. America was founded on the belief that you had the right, not the privilege, but the right to exercise your freedom of speech. 

Creating safe spaces so as to not offend anyone is an endless game. There is no equitable line that can be drawn that will save someone’s feelings when it comes to free speech. 

Safe spaces are dangerous. They prevent growth and thought diversity by allowing people to remain within their own existence. These safe spaces prevent us from adapting to adversity and condemn us to a life of involuntary submission to mob thought.

America is your safe space; your safe space to think what you want, to say what you feel, and to conduct yourself however you see fit barring any instances of explicit violence. Your country and your constitutional rights are your safe spaces, giving you all the space you need to be safe from overarching mob thought.

To young leftists, the only safe space you need to protect is the one we’re all living in; the United States of America.


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