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There's No Such Thing As A 'Wage Gap'

There is a prevailing claim, mainly among leftists, that women make eighty cents to the dollar that every man makes.  

To all the ladies reading this: you are not making 80 cents to every dollar a man makes.

But you are being lied to by the left. 

The ‘wage gap’ movement is based off misleading statistics that liberals use to conjure up a voting base. They think women can’t and won’t fact check them. 

They’re wrong. 

The ‘wage gap’ is calculated by the Census Bureau, which is responsible for computing the difference in earnings of men and women and then distributing that information as they see fit. 

The ‘wage gap’ is a “ratio of the difference between women’s median earnings and men’s median earnings,” which is how the common twenty cents discrepancy is derived. 

However, the Census Bureau fails to differentiate between job type, the number of hours worked, and job tenure. Logically, if one compares the earnings of a female high school teacher to that of a male lawyer then of course the median earnings will differ greatly. 

Annual wages taken by the Census Bureau do not factor in the types of jobs being compared, hours worked, and most importantly, the types of benefits associated with each job. 

Studies show women are more likely to fill jobs that tend to pay less, such as healthcare workers, teachers, and assistants. Furthermore, women who take maternity leave sometimes take unpaid time off or cut back their hours, only further widening the difference between their median earnings to those of men for the year. 

A more accurate representation of the ‘wage gap’ would compare the same jobs, with the same position and same hours worked. That is how one accurately derives a wage gap-not by comparing apples to oranges. 

So why does the left do this? They’re pandering to a group of voters they believe are too naïve to understand statistics. By manipulating the facts to convey the idea that women are inherently worth less and thus paid less, the left propagates the oppression narrative to lure in voters who believe they are a victim.

Women are not victims because they are female. They’re victims because they let the left flagrantly lie to them.

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