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Randy's #WalkAway

Are you kidding me? Four days ago I asked to join this group! Two days ago I was accepted and posted a short comment about how I felt about the direction this great nation was heading towards, and didn't want to join a group that was full of trash and hate. Today I have received over one thousand likes and love and I have lost track of all the welcome and positive comments posted on my simple post from fellow Americans! I think the saying of "You had me at hello" would be an understatement! I am now part of a group that is dedicated to America and even if we don't agree on the way we rebuild this great nation that in my opinion is even better! I have read many posts watched many videos and I have yet to see anything but respect from EVERYBODY!

Why I was even interested in this group is three fold, 1st I want what I had growing up with for my grandchildren an America they can be proud of! 2nd, I am and foremost a God Fearing, flag waving, gun owning American and I stand and place my hand over my heart when the national anthem is played! I'm not a democrat nor a republican and last 3rd, Im looking and actually need to find other Americans to converse with and bounce ideas with!

I am a swing vote voter and vote for who I think is going to be best for America! Now why I am I this way...childhood memories is the best I can come up with! My dad was a hardened veteran of WWII and a true blue southern baptist democrat from the south, my mom from the farmlands of our nation a true blue democratic Lutheran. My first memory on politics and religion was in 4 grade and Dwight Eisenhower was the setting President and who was running for president next but a young catholic man named John Kennedy, talk about a mixed heated debate coming from my parents and their friends would also be understated! JFK did win and I'm sure my parents reluctantly voted for him because they were democrats and so was he! What brought it together for them and me was the inaugural address he gave..." My fellow Americans - Ask not what your country can do for you - ask what you can do for your country"! Zing, both my very hard working parents from the great depression were onboard with this new President and who I ask, who wouldn't be in 4th grade, haha! But that is the day I became an American! Over the years I tried my best to stand with candidates that spoke like they were Americans and over those years I saw a slide from one side to the other with the value I hold so dear and it was so slight I'm not sure to this day people realize that and hold fast to there side of the parties! What got me really off the band wagon was after 9-11 America came alive with patriotism beyond belief and who was running for president yeah a really good orator and yes I was strongly temped to vote for him but there was something about his way with words that triggered what a southern baptist smooth orator preacher said from high on the pulpit that scared the crap out of me at a young age, no I didn't vote for this smooth orator! Over the next 8 years I saw this smooth talker devastate and give away my say I was upset would also be an understatement, no I never was going to shoot up the place or set fire to buildings or riot in the streets! Now then who next was running for president...yeah a person that killed Americans after she turned her back when they pleaded for help...yeah right, not going to vote for that sort of person and wondered why she was aloud to even run for office and this guy that pointed a finger and said "Your Fired" on TV, oh yeah and a communist plan and simple, ha, what a choice I was thinking we as Americans have! Okay I watched the debates and cringed when "she" had the floor, but found myself smiling when this your fired guy said he thinks she should in prison, (I wasn't alone in thinking she should not even been running for the highest office in the world), and he was blunt enough to say it on national TV. I then did my research on this business man and thought that is exactly the person to do what is needed for America, bring America back from where she was sent to be in the corner to collect dust and again light her torch and Be America Again! This man Our President the man that is an American, believes in God, stands with Americans both in and out of uniform, stands with farmers, auto workers, coal workers and stock brokers, rough around the edges, not a politician, does tweets that just tell it like it is and drives me up the wall at times, that tells leaders of counties and the UN the bank is closed, talks with our enemies, brings home our fallen heroes and does what he said he was going to do right there on the debating stage just over a year and a half ago, yeah I voted wisely and in my definition of voting I didn't vote democratic or republican I voted in a RAPTOR and I am ready to vote in more! I am seeing America sweep off the dust and starting to stand tall again, I now have hope for my grand babies future again!

My friends, America is Americans not the dysfunctional politicians on both side of the aisle that we have at present! We are not democrats or republicans we are Americans! President Trump says drain the swamp and that is also way understated! Let's help this business man bring her back! Make your vote stand for America after you do your research for NOTHING LESS is good enough!


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