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Nina's #WalkAway

I am a lifelong liberal who not only voted for Obama twice, I campaigned for him, donated money, and proudly attended his first inauguration. My#WalkAway moment came when Bibi Netanyahu spoke to Congress about the grave threat Iran poses to Israel, and Nancy Pelosi completely freaked out. As an observant Jew whose mother-in-law is a Holocaust survivor, I am terrified by Iran’s continual threats to destroy Israel. Bibi wanted to prevent the second genocide of our people within 100 years, and Nancy Pelosi tried to shut him down because saving Jews doesn’t fit her own political agenda. The Iran deal was a line in the sand for me. What’s annoying is that 80% of the Jewish community are knee-jerk leftists whose religion is progressivism not Judaism. Ironically I’ve been smeared by non-religious relatives as not having Jewish values, even though I live my life by authentic Jewish values and they have no idea what those values even are. I’m sick of keeping silent in front of friends and family who assume that because we share a group identity, we also share an emotion-based progressivist ideology.


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