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Melanie's #WalkAway

There are men and women merrily masquerading as martyrs for the cause. Sinister sentiments incessantly spewing and twitching out of their mouths like a crack addict in withdrawal, while the conclusions they draw are merely illusions that fall and crumble under reason. Flip-flopping facts and fiction, changing their moral beliefs with the seasons. But one cannot create balance in the world if the path they walk is uneven, so we must decide if we are really willing to die for what we believe in.

But not every belief is true. And pointing the finger at others leaves 3 pointed back at you. I know because I lived a life of self-inflicted strife while convincing myself that I was alright. My downfall was being open-minded. I was striving for acceptance, losing myself to find it. All it left me was blinded to truth, leaving it open for others to define it.

Friends, we must pray for discernment, both for ourselves and for those we feel don't really deserve it. Because, when all is said and done, the Son of the most High will reveal every lie and all the answers we need to be victorious. Watching the walls of hate disintegrate under the weight of arrogance will be glorious. Don't be afraid to drop truth bombs and cover people in the shrapnel of their own hipocracy. Go ahead and let the bullets of faith hit the face of the enemy. Don't hesitate because He saved us not for our works but for His purpose and grace; to be able to look the devil in the face and remind him that he has no place in this arms race.

May we start to think for ourselves and not be shells of the people God wants us to be. May we speak from our minds and not imitate the lines we are force-fed from the TV screens, and let us love one another, whether they be our foe or our brother. Let's learn to cherish, forgive, and accept each other so that when the devil comes and asks, "Which will be your path?" You can have peace in the debris of the aftermath of his earthly reign, because you have a name, in Christ Jesus.

The same man who stepped down from His throne to be us and He's the only One I know who can free us from the prison of our own minds because of how He sees us. We are made in His image so there's no need to scrimage over who's better than whom cuz from the moment you set foot in your mother's womb, He gave you a purpose. Even if you feel like you're less than or not worth it.

And I tell you all this with no condescension. My only intention was to mention my story; to allow others a moment for self-reflection and give God the glory.

At the end of the day, I am blessed to say that I'm one of the many who decided to #WalkAway.

(Original work. All rights reserved. Subject to copyright for commercial use. Photo credit to my wonderful husband.)


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