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Matthew's #WalkAway

Just #WalkAway My turn to share. Since this movement is getting stronger and bigger the insane liberal left is getting increasingly radical. I’ve been called all sorts of names such as racist, bigot, Russian bot, xenophobic, homophobic, and so on. You all get the point.

I’m actually the opposite. I’m a proud gay American sailor serving our country. My mother is a immigrant. I’m half white. I grew up with my parents voting democrat. I’m assuming promises and free handouts?

It’s been rather more difficult coming out as a conservative than gay. I’ve been attacked verbally for the past few years by the left for voicing my opinions and policies I support. I’ve lost friends over my support for Trump and at this point I don’t care. My friends on the right never attack me for who I am or what I support. It’s much easier to have a conversation with independents and republicans.

I chose to #WalkAway and stay away 2016 & I refused to be brainwashed. I encourage all of you to spread this movement. Get more people to post testimonials.

The mainstream media has been pushing false narratives for a while already and it’s mind boggling that people that are stuck getting drained with that swamp can’t catch on. Brandon Straka & I share the same beliefs. When I watched the video I said to myself, “That’s how I feel!” I fell in love with the movement. Pay attention to the liberal meltdown of lies. #RedPill let’s make this movement grow. Before elections, share share share.


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