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Matthew's #WalkAway

Greetings everyone,

Retired USAF (1994-2014), Former poor white trash, musician, grease monkey, wrench-turner.... turned executive-level Training & Development professional. Global travel enthusiast, devout volunteer for child welfare, animal rights, and military veteran causes. Not a Russian Bot.

Registered Democrat, although I've always been a bit "right-leaning" when it comes to economic issues, and "left-leaning" when it comes to social issues. Nothing has changed, except the lying, manipulative, antisocial, judgemental, and quite frankly "violent" organization that the Democratic/Liberal party has somehow perversely morphed itself into.

I'm still not ready to embrace "full-blown" Republicanism... not sure I ever will be. But what I absolutely cannot tolerate, is the blame, finger-pointing, lies, manipulation, and back-handed guilt-shaming by the Liberal agenda. I'm tired of being called a racist and a Nazi for being successful, and made to feel as if I'm underserving of what I've earned in life.

I've been saying since the 2016 election EXACTLY what Brandon said so eloquently in the video we've all undoubtedly watched many times. It just makes too much sense to ignore.

For those reasons and many more.... I've chosen to #Walkaway


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