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  • #WalkAway Written Testimonials

Justin's #WalkAway

I have been reading all your stories in this group and I must say I'm very inspired by them! I'm happy to be part of such a wonderful movement. I jumped off the Bernie Bus in 2015 and hopped aboard the Trump Train and never looked back. With all the hateful rhetoric coming from the left, the ones who preach "tolerance" are only tolerant if you think the way they do. We need to go back to agreeing to disagree without violence and hate. We are all human, and we welcome everyone of all backgrounds here on the right! We are not the monsters that the left tries to paint us as. God bless the great #Walkawaycampaign and a huge thanks to Brandon Straka for taking a stand! Let's keep this growing more and more! #NotABot #WalkAway


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