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Justin's #WalkAway

I was raised in a conservative family. I was married for eight years. I have three beautiful daughters. Divorced in 2012, and finally came out to friends and family. Since then, I’ve had to struggle with posting my political beliefs and opinions on social media. The gay community isn’t an accepting community. It’s their way, or no way. You just follow this gay agenda, or be bashed and humiliated. I voted for Trump in 2016. And I lost over 100 friends on facebook, some even close friends that I never would have expected to stop talking to me. Just because I voted for Trump. Just because I’m gay, doesn’t mean I have to be an extreme liberal. I still go to church. I still have faith in God. I still hold strong to conservative values. This new #WalkAway campaign is such a great thing. Inspiring so many people, who were afraid before, to speak up. So even though I’m already a Trump supporter, I’m gonna #WalkAway from the gay community, and be the proud conservative that I am. #WalkAway#notafraid


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