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Joe's #WalkAway

I grew up as a gay man on the East Coast in a Democratic family. In fact my dad was president of the West Side Democratic Club. I also lived in another liberal mecca San Francisco and am also an Army veteran. I met Obama and voted for him twice, but after seeing the film HILLARY'S AMERICA I walked away leaving the theatre. It was basically the dubious history of the Democratic Party which I had no idea about. Anxious to also see DEATH OF A NATION by D'Sousa starting Aug 3. Clinton's criminal acts continued to escalate and I was quickly disengaging myself from all of this. But it was all the VIOLENCE and HATRED by the Left during and after the presidental election that pushed me over the edge. I no longer wanted to be associated with this kind of behavior. Working in New York I understood Trump's lingo and that was precisely his unfiltered street talk that got him elected by middle America. People could understand him and he was for the average blue collar worker, not catering to movie stars, singers and the elites on both coasts like Hillary. She had no problem with taking huge sums of money from Arabic countries that kill gays and hate women. Basically she has no respect for herself. As a gay man we are told we must be Democrat and the same with Black Americans and Hispanics. This is changing. Once you start to think for yourself it is easy to walk away. Admitting you are a Republican is the new "coming out!" The reason Democrats are for open borders and illegal immigrants is because then those people feel obligated to vote for them. Hence it all boils down to political gain and greed. I would like to conclude with a quote from Winston Churchill "The fascists of the future will call themselves anti-fascists." And President Reagan said, "If fascism ever comes to America, it will come in the name.of Liberalism." BEWARE


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