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Eva's #WalkAway

I finally decided to post after following this movement for awhile now. Can I just say that every story I read fills me with such hope, inspiration, joy and just pure thankfulness to be an American. I know that may sound cheesy but after this last election I really wondered if all was lost. I watched Brandon’s video and it echoed everything that I felt about the Democratic party. I have friends who are Democrats, Libertarians, Socialists, Republicans, atheists and Christian.

I am a Christian and a Republican. I haven’t always been. I was once an independent but there are a few keys issues that keep me voting Republican. I voted for Trump and for most of 2016 up until recently I felt bullied, alienated and silenced. It was like my vote didn’t matter and people seemed to stereotype me because of my support of President Trump. I felt like the ability to have an open exchange of ideas and opinions wasn’t allowed anymore. I respect and honor everyone’s voice. Just because we don’t agree doesn’t mean we can’t hear each other, discuss our differences, and consider each other’s view points!! Everyone’s voice matters because it is US who make up this country because afterall we are in fact the U.S. I wholeheartedly believe that United We Stand!

Even when our opinions differ we can still stand together united as a people seeking the common goal of peace & prosperity. Reading all the stories from people of all walks of life has been just plain awesome!!

It is our humanity that unites us. It doesn’t matter what our political affiliation is or our sexual orientation or what our religious beliefs are and especially not our race - we are ALL human and have a voice and we should give each other the respect of hearing each other and working together for the common good. We are stronger together!

#walkaway#walkaway and walk hand in hand.


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