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Danny's #WalkAway

Hi folks! My name is Danny. First and foremost I am a proud patriotic American. I'm so happy to have discovered this group and applaud the bravery and great movement Brandon has started. I decided to#WalkAway Back in 2016 when I discovered how corrupt and misleading the democratic party was being to the public and especially to minorities like myself and my husband. I'm in the entertainment business and as you can probably already guess my views and beliefs were and have been demonized harshly. Since I came out as a non democrat many of my so-called friends have either stop talking to me, deleting me on social media and many in the theater community here have basically blacklisted me from being apart of any shows etc. People now have made it very difficult to find any auditions or acting jobs at all. I'm also a DJ and never get asked to spin in clubs anymore. No one calls etc etc. Luckily I have found creative inspiration in doing my own music podcast show now and slowly have started to build a new audience. At least that way i can still be the artist that i am inside. For the last two years I have been met with the kind of hatred and feelings of exclusion that i haven't felt since the days of being harassed and attacked for being openly gay in high school. I was always taught and told that gays or minorities in general should always be democrats and that the republicans hate us etc etc. I believed that lie for a long long time. On the positive side since i came out as a conservative independent the people on the right and independents have been nothing but kind, understanding, and encouraging. My husband has always been a republication and even before I left the democratic party he never tried to force me to be a republican. He would just say i hope someday you realize that the democratic party is fractured and not for the actual people who love this country. I believe him now. I know that Brandon is an aspiring actor and i just want to tell him that Hollywood and most of the entertainment industry is very bias and is very one sided in politics etc. I wish him the best of luck and hope he can handle there BS. I'm not a Russian robot or a scared little snowflake. Just a proud gay patriotic American that is tired of being lied too. Finally some people like me i can relate too. So happy to be here with all of you guys. Danny Diess Portland, Oregon.


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