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Dan's #WalkAway

I have been a registered conservative since I was 18. I don't like radical ideologues of any variety. The scales are tipped heavily, and nearly exclusively left. The hatred and hypocrisy coming from those who do not value diversity of thought is all a bullying tactic to intimidate and silence people.

I'm tired of regressive leftists and entrenched republicans.

What is more likely? That half the population's citizens are Nazis and racists, or support Nazis and racists and that Trump is playing a deep game that involves working with Russians to gain the presidency, or that establishment politicians are afraid of losing power and have been working with the mainstream media to frame Donald Trump while casting anyone that walks away (or that has never walked with them in the first place) as villains?

We saw much the same when the Tea Party rose in opposition to establishment republicans and democrats and they were treated the same way.

The establishment hates Trump and they hate those of us who support him, love America and recognize its exceptionalism- the likes of which the world had never previously seen; and they hate anyone that doesn't agree to be "different" like they are.

This movement brings me hope. #WalkAway

ps - I am not a Russian bot. I'm proud to be a citizen of the greatest nation that has ever graced God's earth.

*** A little edit/addition to show that conservatives don't fall neatly into the stereotype that the media tries to place us in. I've been a stay-at-home dad (diapers, shopping, housecleaning, laundry, dishes etc.) since my first son's birth in addition to also working part-time jobs as a waiter, graphic designer, filmmaker, online fitness coach and more while my wife (the breadwinner) built an amazing career (not held back by her gender) over the last 20+ years. We both grew up in very poor households (I lived with my father- a disabled vet- who earned less than $800 in disability monthly and my wife lived with her disabled mother who received less than $700 monthly). Both of our parents were democrats. Neither me nor my wife demanded anything from anyone. We have always believed that you get what you earn and earn what you get. We paid our way through school, and built the life we have. We are grateful for the opportunities we have been given- opportunities afforded to us by living in the greatest nation ever.


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