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Chelsea's #WalkAway

I never was a democrat but I was at one time indifferent. In my adolescent years where I felt sorry for myself, and victimized I am sure I would of voted blue if I could of. I’m from Portland Oregon and it is liberal land. Over the last few years I have watched the liberal city become total alt leftists. It has totally destroyed the city. The liberals passed laws allowing the increasing homeless population (due to a huge heroine epidemic) camp anywhere. What was once a beautiful city is covered in trash, needles, and views of people literally taking shits on the side of the road in broad daylight. I have watched the loose law liberal judges return children repeatedly to incompetent mothers (who could not follow the law to save their lives) and in turn they suffer greatly. We had our freeways constantly shut down due to protestors. My cousin who works downtown was afraid to go to work sometimes, and at times missed out on making money completely due to protests. The protestors would destroy businesses. I watched the kids I grew up with take zero accountability for themselves. Rich kids who had the world handed to them, preaching about the worlds indecencies from their high horses, while never doing anything to make a difference themselves, most of them living off their parents. Portland is a city with a very deep racist history, which I did not know until later on in life. It is no surprise to me that they lean so left as a result after also learning the deep rooted racist history of the Democratic Party, and how they have strategically made promises to minorities all while labeling them victims, and working to keep them dependent instead of empowering them. My husband and I had enough of this ideology, which is one of the many reasons we relocated to the state of Arizona. My husband and I both saw members of our families who insisted on keeping a victim mentality. We both developed a strong work ethic because of it, and refuse to be victims ourselves. While our spoiled friends who had never seen real issues first hand defended government handouts, we knew better. We have both been effected by other people’s use of drugs, alcohol, and desire to be victims. We reject this state of mind and attribute our drive, work ethic, and success to this. A few years ago I would of considered myself somewhere in between still on the political spectrum. However after seeing the hatefulness the left has exhibited since trump has been in office, I have been pushed further and further from being able to remotely relate to the left mentality. Conservatives have become increasingly tolerate, while the left has shown their true colors. Lastly, from the time I was a kid for reasons I didn’t even know I would be teary eyed saying the pledge of allegiance. The older I get the more I realize I am a huge patriot. I love this country and I am thankful to live in it. The fact that people have the nerve to compare our hardships to that of these suffering countries is unreal to me. The fact that people find it an option to love and believe in this great place we call the USA is baffling. First and foremost before anything we are Americans. I cannot support a party who does not believe and stand by the red, white, and blue or the men and women who fought to give us our freedoms. God bless America, and everyone in it!


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