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Donald Trump Is Not A Fascist

It is a slap in the face, a heavy handed blow to survivors of real facsim, and an outright lie to claim that President Trump is a fascist. 

The term “fascist” is thrown around by scorned leftists who have yet to accept their 2016 defeat in an attempt to paint not only the President, but half the nation as ‘fascists’. 

So what is fascism?

Fascism’s core tenet is the overthrow of the existing democracy.

Italian dictator Benito Mussolini consistently emphasized his commitment to creating “the purest form of democracy” in which the state fights against individualism and focuses on the needs of the state through establishing a system of government that eliminates individual participation which is a core component of a democratic institution. 

Within his first few years in office, Mussolini stifled free speech and political opposition to create a new form of government that dismantled democratic norms and instead implemented a rigid structure in which state interests superseded individual desires.

Further, fascists formed squads called “black shirts” who would clash, sometimes violently, with other political parties to silence them. Mussolini also pressured the legislature to grant him dictatorial powers over what citizens could and could not do, which resulted in him rigging the election and eventually stifling free speech. The Italian parliament made it illegal to be ‘anti-fascist’, punishable by imprisonment without trial.  

The easiest way for fascists to seize power was to kill off and intimidate those of other political parties. To put this in context, it would be similar to ANTIFA beating journalists, beating each other, and suggesting that conservatives be physically harmed. 

In an article by Vox, five liberal experts weighed in on the claim that President Trump is fascist, with the consensus that the President does not fit the bill of a fascist. Author of The Nature of Fascism and history and political theory professor at Oxford Brookes University Roger Griffin tells Vox the president doesn’t qualify, noting Trump does not want to overthrow the Constitution or existing democracy, nor does he use violence as a tactic to ‘clean’ society:

 “As long as Trump does not advocate the abolition of America’s democratic institutions, and their replacement by some sort of post-liberal new order, he’s not technically a fascist.”

Claims the President is a fascist began appearing in 2016 after The Washington Post published an opinion piece entitled “Donald Trump is actually Fascist”, while Senator Tim Kaine (D) alleges President Obama called Trump a fascist during the election.  

I cannot believe I have to say this, but President Trump has not tried to overthrow Democracy, nor has he tried to dismantle the Constitution. In fact, it has been ANTIFA who has tried to overthrow democracy by creating the Capitol Hill Occupied Protest Area, demanding the overthrow of our government to replace it with Socialism, and steadily working to dismantle not only your Second Amendment rights, but worse, your First by demanding free speech be quelled and confined to zones that aren’t ‘safe spaces’. 

Safe spaces, the tearing down of symbols of free speech, these are all blatant attempts to squash your First Amendment right, and yet this is the work of a group that is supposed to be anti-Fascist. A bit counterintuitive. 

Further, those who say “Make America Great Again” is a fascist cry are perhaps unable to comprehend the above. Trump’s promise to ‘Make America Great Again’ does not involve overthrowing existing democratic institutions by any means. His slogan does not call for the replacement of our existing institutions. He quite literally does not meet the qualifications of a fascist. 

President Trump is not a fascist, and that’s The Hard Truth.


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