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Bobby's #WalkAway

I am a UAW member and for the record I am NOT anti-Union. I am Anti CORRUPT Union. I was raised in a a suburb of Detroit. Both my Mother and my father were hard working, blue collar Union workers. They were factory workers by trade, and our household was pure Democrat and members of the UAW.

Politically, I was raised a Democrat but leaned Republican after watching Carter screw America so badly. I voted for Ronald Reagan for the presidency. Even though I wasn't impressed when he followed through with Jimmy Carter's previous agenda to bust the PATCO workers. I still liked Reagan's overall policies. After Clinton took office I was thoroughly convinced that BOTH parties had an equal hand in selling out the American workers by exporting jobs to slave trade countries. By 2008, I became convinced that the Republican Party had abandoned its conservative, constitutional principles and I started leaning Libertarian.

Then comes Obama's tales of change and hope that had mislead the American people and he had carried the torch faithfully for Wall Street as much as any of his predecessors. He drove the knife in the backs of millions of union workers and is directly responsible for the attack on middle income workers with his attack on our wages while leaving the auto execs making billions!!!! His policies forced workers to 2 tier and even 3rd tier wages and forced us to give up our only effective bargaining tool by giving up our right to strike. He continued his attack on our jobs with BS agreements with Korea, NATO and WTO. I voted for Trump and now realize he is way better than Obama 2.0 (Hillary) ever could have been. I am glad to say that I am part of the #WalkAway Campaign. So far so good!


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