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Avialea's #WalkAway

With every rabid attack that the left makes on Trump, they further solidify and guarantee his second victory in 2020.

With every riot, assault, doxxing and act of physical intimidation, portrayal of the assassination of the president, and threat towards Conservatives, we gain one step in advancing the Conservative cause to preserve our country against the Left's insanity and restore our Republic's constitutional greatness.

So, do what you will. I've been doxxed, threatened, harassed, permanently shut down and lost 20,000 followers. We have been assaulted, attacked, stalked, targeted by the mainstream media and demonized. President Trump has received death threats, his wife has been continually criticized and insulted, his son has been threatened by pedophiles, his cabinet has been forced to leave restaurants. But, unfortunately for all of you on the left, we have news for you:

We're. Still. Here.


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