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Andrea's #WalkAway

Ok .. I became a member of #walkaway a couple days ago but here is my testimony. So I walked away from the Democratic Party when I was about 30 ( I am 37). I didn’t know any better and didn’t care to growing up. I grew up with Democrats and that is how I voted. I remember voting for Gore and hating Bush for whatever reason #brainwashed and my stepdad thought Clinton was awesome but until I got married and had my first kid it dawned on me that so should probably look the candidates up and see who actually seem fit to me (I also married a Republican ). I wasn’t crazy about McCain/ Paliin ticket but was a huge Palin fan so I voted for that one but honestly when Obama won I thought ok I will give him the benefit of the doubt and then I was almost 9 months pregnant and standing out on the side of the road with Mitt Romney signs with a hope and a bright future for my little one. Obama won and I was devastated and when we got hit with Obamacare and I actually felt the hurt of money out of our pockets because of the premiums I was furious. Trump may not have been my first pick but between him and Hillary there was no way I was #withher. This is a scary time. I worry about what kind of world will be left for our children and with the left loving socialism and getting out of control it’s only a matter of time. I love this country and I thank God that I was blessed to call this my home. I have a voice and we all have voices that need to be heard. Not a Russian Bot just a concerned citizen of this great country#MAGA2020


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