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Jose's #WalkAway

I am an immigrant from The Dominican Republic. I am an Enrolled Agent Tax Professional involved in the field of tax preparation and audit representation. I always voted Democrat because as an immigrant latino and small business owner, I believed being liberal was right for me until President Trump ran for office. I voted for him and fully support him, but it’s all in secrecy (until now). I was concerned that if my liberal clients, friends, and family found out, my relationships would end, and my business would be affected.

After the election, I had to calm down several clients who were in the process of becoming naturalized citizens and other immigration procedures who pay taxes, good people and the perfect example of the kind of Immigrants this nation needs, but they are afraid because of the news (fake media and invented panic).

I tell my clients to relax and stay calm, that under this administration they will be better off than with any other administration (because the Democratic party doesn’t care about them as everyone has now seen proven true), and to give Trump a chance and just keep doing what they’re doing so well—working, paying taxes, and being role model citizens.

The pure fear and panic caused by the left was ridiculous and hard to watch the effect on these people. It’s so sad we can’t have a mature conversation with a liberal because is it’s their way or nothing.

I am sick and tired of the media, sick and tired of the celebrities who are living in the bubble who want to influence us with their nonsense, I am sick and tired of the corrupt politicians who are using the same kind of rhetoric as those of Latin American countries. They don’t represent me.

Only smart Latinos can see right through because it’s what we are used to and know (unfortunately), shady corruption—what ruined the economic and security of our countries in Latin America. #WALKAWAY #SICKANDTIRED #LOVEAMERICA


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