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Joe Biden Doesn’t Care About Black People

He cares about the black vote.

While the DNC scrambles to find a redeemable quality for presumed Democrat presidential nominee Joe Biden to run on, voters, particularly black voters, need to remember Biden not as a former Vice President, but as a Senator with a legacy drenched in racism. 

Biden’s campaign success is largely contingent on whether or not he can secure the black vote. While black voters have historically voted Democrat at a rate of 90%, this election year begs us to change the status quo. 

While Biden may tout his few endorsements from black leaders, we as voters deserve to see the whole picture.

And let me tell you, it isn’t a pretty picture

President Clinton signed the infamous Violent Crime Control and Law Enforcement Act into law in 1994. This was a ruinous policy for the black community, which saw incarceration rates skyrocket. Included in this legislation was the Federal Death Penalty Act, which permitted the death penalty for 60 new federal offenses including drug offenses not related to homicide. 

Did you know 44% of defendants with death penalty recommendations were black? Did you know more than 70% of recommendations were for people of color? This policy disproportionately hurt minorities. 

The same legislation also included the infamous ‘three-strike’ law, which automatically imposed a life sentence on those convicted of a certain felony if they had two previous felony convictions. 

Did you know as a result of this provision 78.5% of Americans serving life sentences are people of color, and, prior to California’s 2012 Reform Act, black people were 12 times more likely than white people to be incarcerated under the ‘three-strikes’ law?

While President Clinton signed the bill into law, it was none other than Senator Joe Biden who spearheaded the legislation.

The man who claims to be the voice for black people is the same person responsible for policies that sent detrimental ripple effects throughout the black community. 

While speaking in regards to the bill, Biden referred to young black boys as “predators”, saying they were “born out of wedlock” and lacked proper upbringing. Yet, his crime bill only intensified issues facing black juveniles by splitting up families and stripping people of any chance at redemption. Yet, Biden claims to be the man to unite the country, to help black communities. 

Does the logic add up? Not a chance.  

On the contrary, we have President Trump, who has a disapproval rating among black voters of 96%. 

Yet, this is the same president who secured permanent funding for HBCUs just six weeks into his presidency, keeping his promise to make HBCUs a priority of his administration. 

The same president who declared Martin Luther King Jr’s burial site a national historic park, despite all of his predecessors, both Democrats and Republicans, having the opportunity to do the same. 

The same President who signed historic criminal justice reform in which 91% of offenders who had their sentences reduced are black.

Not to mention the same president under which poverty rates and unemployment rates fell to historic lows for black people.

For Biden and the Democrats, it has never once been about the black person. It has always been solely about the black vote.

Republicans have consistently cared about the black person, despite rarely receiving the black vote. 

This November, #holdyourvotehostage from the Democrats. 

Remember, they cater to every voting bloc but the black voting bloc. 


Because they have taken the black vote for granted.


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