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Trump's Racist Immigration Policies

“Racist” has become one of the most overused, and misused, words of 2020.

Do you support a border wall? Racist.

Do you support immigration policy? Racist.

Are you white? Racist.

Are you voting for Trump? Definitely racist.

I think we can all see the trend.

Racism is the prejudice, discrimination, or harassment of another based on their ethnic identity.

Taking into regard the seriousness of racism itself, one would think that solid evidence is required to make such claims against someone.

Yet day after day, mainstream media headlines say that Donald Trump is a racist; evidence be damned or in some cases, manufactured.

Why don’t we unpack the claims that the Left has made in their case to define Trump as racist and see how close he meets the definition?

Let’s start with the border wall that Trump campaigned on. The Left would have you believe that his call for a 700-900 mile long border wall is racist, as it prevents an open immigration policy and requires legal entry into the country.

During the Obama Administration, the Democrat-controlled Senate voted in favor of the Border Security, Economic Opportunity, and Immigration Modernization Act of 2013. This bill was crafted by the Gang of Eight, which is composed of eight bipartisan senators who work closely with the executive branch.

The proposed border wall, as mentioned above, which was approved by all 52 Senate Democrats and 14 Senate Republicans, called for the construction of a 700-mile long wall. Thirty-six of the Senate Democrats who voted in favor of the bill are still sitting in office today.

At the time, President Obama came in support of the bill and claimed it was “the most aggressive border security plan in our history” and “it is consistent with the key principles for commonsense reform that I — and many others — have repeatedly laid out.”

“But… he put KIDS IN CAGES,” the mob cried.


The infamous “cages” at the southern border are constantly blamed on the Trump Administration. A simple Google search reveals that the temporary holding facilities were constructed during the Obama Administration.

But if that’s the case, then what were those photos that showed children in cages? Some of the most infamous photos that circulated the internet showing children in cages, being sprayed with chemicals, were in fact staged to be part of an art installation in Iowa. They were not even a real depiction of the holding facilities at the southern border.

That can’t be right though. Trump, after all, is the one who has a record number of deportations since he took office.

Wrong again.

In his first three years in office, Trump’s administration deported 800,00 undocumented immigrants. By comparison, 1.8 million undocumented immigrants were deported during Obama’s first three years in office.

Trump is not a racist, but it is no surprise that the media is running on this lie as an attempt to foil his re-election. If the media wants to blame someone for stoking racial division, they should look no further than their own Democratic President, Obama.

Remember, the same policies President Trump has campaigned on are the same ones Democrats were voting in favor of five years ago. We have found ourselves caught in the middle of a political game where the only goal is to dismantle your enemy, rather than debating topics and policies. The Left has shown us nothing if not that their morals and values are fluid and change with the wind. The Left has become so blinded by their hatred for one man, that they can’t even consider the truth.


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