WAKE America Great Again: Walk Away From the Left

Brandon Straka speaks with Eric Bolling about a year of successful campaigning against the tyrannical Left and his vision for where the movement is going.

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Brandon at CPAC

Brandon Straka's main stage speech at CPAC 2019.

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Live with Judge Jeanine

Judge Jeanine Pirro interviews Brandon Straka for a second time to discuss the growth of the #WalkAway Campaign. 


Live on Tucker Carlson Tonight

Tucker Carlson discusses the mass exodus of fed-up liberals and Democrats with the founder of #WalkAway, Brandon Straka.

Live on The Ingraham Angle

Laura gets to the truth of the #WalkAway Campaign. She asks Brandon Straka,"Is it real or are we being punked?"

Live With Diamond & Silk 

Sisters, Diamond & Silk, live chit chat with #WalkAway Campaign founder, Brandon Straka.Watch! 

Live on I24 News

#WalkAway founder on why Liberals no longer represent him.


Live on Making Money With Charles Payne

Founder of #WalkAway talks with Charles Payne.


Brandon and Isaiah Washington on Shanon Bream

Brandon Straka & Isaiah Washington, live at the #WalkAway LA LIVE Town Hall Event.

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Life, Liberty & Levin Interview with Mark Levin

Hour-Long exclusive interview with Brandon Straka on Life, Liberty & Levin with Mark Levin. 

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Brandon on Justice with Judge Jeanine 

Brandon Straka speaks with Jeanine Pirro about growing the movement.

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Live with Eric Bolling- CRTV

Eric Bolling interviews Brandon Straka, the founder of the #WalkAway Campaign.

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Live with Judge Jeanine 

Judge Jeanine Pirro sits down with Brandon Straka, founder of #WalkAway Campaign to discuss the movement. Watch!

Live with Alex Jones/Info Wars

Alex Jones interviews the #WalkAway founder and pledges a donation of $10K to the campaign!



Brandon Straka on #WalkAway and why he left the Democrat party.

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